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Operators decide a put-away place based on their past experience. When a type of products need to change their usual slots, operators cannot timely find another suitable put-away location, and later cannot pick the right stock from the right slot. Inaccurate put-away data prevents operators from seeing where exactly a product is stored and how much storage space is left.


Rugline PDA scans products' unique barcode or RFID labels, intelligently assigns all batches of products to their suitable storage slots, provides warehouse workers with the shortest put-away path and pick path, and transfers this put-away information to the backend server via wireless connectivity. Available space is clear for warehouse managers to optimize inventory levels.


1. By scanning products' barcode or RFID labels, Rugline PDA recommends to operators the slot from last time. Experienced operators will perform tasks faster, and new operators will run smoother.

2. When put-away and replenishment is finished, the latest inventory data is transferred to the company’s back-end server. Workers and managers have access to real-time inventory level anytime.

3. Out-of-stocks will never happen for retailers can arrange rapid replacement of goods into the appropriate location based on accurate inventory data.

4. Enhanced visibility of put-away data optimizes warehouse space utilization.
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