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Purchasing specialists manually check received merchandise (type and quantity) on site and later input those paper-based details into the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system via a fixed computer. The process is time consuming and error-prone. 



Rugline mobile computer receives electronic purchase orders under wireless connectivity. Warehouse workers verify products by scanning their barcodes / RFID tags with Rugline mobile computers.



1. Rugline mobile computer has RFID reading & writing capabilities. It can read products' RFID tags through parcels in seconds for a dense population. 

2. Rugline mobile computers can tell workers the right place where each piece of a shipment should be located on the shortest route. 

3. If products are damaged, unqualified, or discrepant with purchase orders, workers can take photos with Rugline mobile computer as proof.

4. Retailers and warehouse administrators can have real-time visibility of the actual stock of a certain warehouse. 

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