Fleet Management

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There is no fleet management system to monitor drivers’ behavior, cargo condition and vehicle health. Drivers’ violations, such as over speeding and stealing from the fleet, cannot be timely identified, and vehicle malfunction and cargo abnormal condition cannot be detected. In cases of one driver performing multiple tasks, or one vehicle being assigned to multiple drivers, the optimization of workforce and vehicles is difficult to achieve.


Rugline telematics vehicle-mounted computer dynamically monitors drivers, vehicles and cargo. Its GPS provides accurate location details of each vehicle to the backend server; cameras records drivers’ behavior and cargo condition; OBD capability transfers vehicle driving data; fingerprint sensor authenticate drivers’ identities; 4G connectivity sends all these captured data to the backend server. Fleet administrators have real-time access to fleet live data.


1. GPS helps you gain the real-time visibility of the location of your assets and vehicles, preventing employee fraud and increasing productivity.

2. Cameras record drivers’ behavior and cargo condition. Live videos are sent under 4G connectivity to the backend server for real-time monitoring. If incidents happen, or when drivers pay infringement fees, these video feeds can be evidence.

3. Connect to the vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostics system and transfer the diagnostic information via 4G communication to the back-end server. Generate a report based on the OBD data to see if some drivers have bad driving habits like over speeding and harsh acceleration.

4. Fingerprint sensor ensures that the right driver is driving the right vehicle. Fleet administrators know the availability of every driver and vehicle so that they can assign a transport job to the most suitable vehicle.

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