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Establish an Electronic Profile and Improve Feeding Accuracy

For a large-scale farm with thousands of animals to be raised, it's challenging to distinguish one from another. Animal breeders not only need to feed them on time, schedule periodic physical examination and vaccination to ensure their health, but also to keep abreast of animals' real-time growth conditions by recording details like daily diet and weight gains for future inquiry and analysis. Manual operations and paper records usually drive them crazy. Automating these processes and replacing handwritten records with electronic ones has become necessary in livestock management.

Rugline solution improves efficiency of animal information collection, and reduces error rate. Mobile computers help keep track of medications, treatments, illness, feed, weight gain, location, origin, and hundreds of other pieces of information, allowing farmers to make faster, more accurate decisions about each animal based on evident electronic records. Automatic data capture now can be achieved from a long distance with the extension rod. Electronic identification reduces the need for paperwork and manual input, thus cutting down labor required, saving paper resources, holding down operation costs, and reducing human errors


How does Rugline integrated solution optimize farm management? 

Before using the PDA, staff are first required to enter admin and password to get permission, which delivers high level of data security. Each animal is attached with a unique RFID tag, just like human's ID card, passport or driving license. Information such as animal breed, date of birth, blood type, breeder, as well as address of the farm, farm owner info has been originally written into the tag. RFID tags are superior to barcodes as the barcode reading is possible only from short distances and paper-formed barcodes are easily damaged. By the way, Rugline mobile computers configured with extension antenna rod make the reading range even further, making breeders to be safer and cleaner.

During the later feeding processes, simply use the handheld computers to scan the tag, then there is a quick access to animal information in bulk; and every day records like feeding pattern, feed ratio, weight gain, vaccination, inspection results, etc. can be added to this animal’s profile and then be uploaded to the backend database in seconds with wireless connectivity. Therefore, before being transported to the slaughter house, a complete errorless electronic file has already been established.


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