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Establish a Complete "From-Table-To-Farm" Traceability System

Food traceability system was first put forward by EU in 1997 when mad cow disease prevailed worldwide. Since then, Japan, US and China carried out laws and regulations in succession to ensure food safety. In 2008, it was disclosed that a famous Chinese dairy industry mixed melamine (a material like plastic that is used to make a hard smooth surface on tables) into milk power. This scandal became a hot spot for a time under discussions of the whole nation, and at the same time triggered a crisis of confidence. How to make them assured is a key factor to occupy the market.

Some far-sighted entrepreneurs now have deployed Rugline RFID-based mobile computers. By scanning the code on a small piece of meat in the supermarket, detailed information from farm to slaughter house, from suppliers to the super market can be thoroughly displayed. This brings enterprises huge profits as customers now feel assured. Food safety supervision and inspection agencies can have random inspection at any step, so as to strengthen food safety supervision, and improve resident health index.  


How do Rugline devices help track back a piece of meat?

In slaughter house, staff can use PDA to scan each livestock’s ear tag to retrieve its profile. Information like name of the slaughter house, name of the butcher, time of its entering the house, and final weight are all added and uploaded to the background system. After the animal is chopped into pieces, they’ll be put into a small package on which there is a 1D or 2D barcode. This barcode’s information is obtained from the host database, so it’s consistent with that of animal’s ear tag. Consumers can scan it with their mobile phones to check all information about this piece of meat.

With this complete set of records, food safety supervision and inspection agencies can find out the body who are liable for food safety issues. Strict punishments will definitely prevent those money-oriented salespeople from cheating customers and damaging people’s health. These actions can lift the whole nation’s food safety level. If there breaks out an epidemic disease, with these records, the government can find out sources in the first time and take immediate actions to control the epidemic.


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