Specimen Collection

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  • When it comes to collect a patient’s specimen, a caregiver quickly scans the patient’s barcode wristband, and the patient’s identity is displayed on the screen of Rugline healthcare mobile computer.
  • After verifying the patient, the caregiver connects the mobile computer to a bedside printer to print a specific label, and then immediately apply the label to the specimen so it can be sent on to a central lab for analysis. The label for the specimen container identifies the patient, the specimen type and the test to be performed.
Generating Paperless Report
  • Lab technician can double check the specimen to be tested by viewing specimen orders and scanning the specimen label. If the information is correct, technician performs the test and enters the result into the hospital system on Rugline mobile computer. A health report will be automatically generated.
  • In real time, doctor can see the report on their Rugline mobile computer or tablet, which enables faster diagnosis and faster treatment. Paperless record is easy to maintain and fast to access.


1. This workflow - labelling specimen at the point of collection rather than printing labels and applying to specimen containers anywhere - prevents wrong patient / wrong specimen errors by minimizing the potential for mix-ups.

2. Real-time report generating enables faster diagnosis and treatment.

From the collection of specimens at the patient’s bedside through testing in the lab to the delivery of the diagnosis, many of these steps are often performed manually, adding time and risking errors that can compromise patient safety. In addition, these errors add to mounting healthcare costs in the form of repeat tests and lawsuits.



Labelling Specimens at the Point of Collection
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