Pharmacy Management

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  • Every medicine has a globally unique identifier (UI). The UI is carried by barcodes. Typically, pharmacists use PDA to scan the barcode on each dose dispensed to fill a prescription.
  • Rugline healthcare PDA connects wirelessly (3G/4G/Wi-Fi) to a database that checks the UI against the prescription order to validate that the correct medication and dosage are dispensed.
Automate Dispensing Recording
  • The pharmacist scans the barcode on his or her ID badge, prescription order, and the medication label.
  • Application software quickly makes a connection of the dispensing, including time, pharmacist’s name, medicine dose, and patient’s name. Every scan is recorded in the software for accountability. 

Accurate Inventory Control
  • The barcodes of received medicines is read and transferred to the pharmacy's inventory control system. When fulfilling prescription, pharmacists scan medication UIs for each transaction. Every sale is trackable.
  • When conducting an inventory count with Rugline healthcare PDA to scan medication UIs, pharmacy administrators can compare the stock levels to determine if there is any shrinkage or incorrect handling occurring.
Improved Workflow
From receiving inventory, maintaining stock, dispensing the correct medication to managing sales, with Rugline healthcare PDA, you can quickly read barcodes to perform a paper-free and error-proof medication tracking management.


1. Pharmacy management is proceeded electronically, which reduces human errors and increases productivity, visibility and accuracy from receiving inventory, dispensing to point of sale.

2. Whether it is point of sale, drug verification, or inventory management, barcode-based operations improve productivity and accuracy, enhance customer and employee satisfaction, increase profitability and reduce medication dispensing errors.
Manual dispensing verification can be time-consuming and error-prone; Manual dispensing record inaccuracy can result in inefficient inventory control; Lack of real-time dispensing data collection leads to lack of accountability.


Intelligent Dispensing Verification
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