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Caregivers do not have real-time access to the key patient information at bedside care. They have to check the data they need back at their office. If incidents occur, paper-based healthcare records lacks details to support staffing accountability.



Gain Access

Caregivers have to verify their fingerprints or log in the healthcare software on their Rugline healthcare PDAs or tablets before they access to medical information. Personnel of different levels have different levels of access to data.

Check Patient Information
Real-time access to essential medical data (patients’ medical history, prescription, vital signs, healthcare progress and fare) anywhere (at office, ward, lab or operating room) under via stable and fast 4G or Wi-Fi wireless connectivity enables healthcare providers to track data over time, monitor how patient measure up to certain parameters, and improve overall quality and efficiency of care in practice.
Check Nurse Information
Under 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity, nurse managers and administrators can do nursing scheduling not only fairly and sensitively, but also quickly and accurately on their PDAs. Centralize department schedule, contact, credential, and employment information in one software brings a simplified and more efficient schedule management.


1. Digital medical data brings paperless healthcare process in a wireless environment.

2. Rugline healthcare PDA allows nursing departments to simplify team communication, staffing, and schedule management, making staff and managers more productive.

3. Only authorized personnel have access to medical data, which protects data security.

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