Patient Admission

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  • Without automation, ward nurses must hand write all patient information and input patient data into the hospital’s HIS system via a fixed computer, which wastes time and takes high labor costs.
  • Illegible or inaccurate handwriting may result in medical errors.


In-ward Admission
When a patient arrives at the hospital for admission, medical staff registers the standard patient information, such as the patient’s name, age, and medical history into the hospital’s HIS system. The system then generates a unique admission number for the patient to link with.  

Wristband Printing
When all data is ready, use this printer to print a barcode wristband for the patient. A scan of the wristband will know the patient ID and other information stored in HIS system.
Data Linkage
Put the wristband on the patient. This wristband is the patient ID from admission to discharge. Using Chainway healthcare scanners to scan the wristband gives clinicians instant access to the information they need at the point of care, especially in bedside care.



1. With Chainway healthcare scanners, every patient is electronically identified at admission. Medical care becomes more efficient.

2. When caregivers can access critical information on a scan of their patients’ barcode ID wristbands, increased productivity and operational efficiency are the result. 
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