School Bus Management

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School safety begins the moment students walk out the front door of their home. Many children would take the school bus to school. If there is no automated and real-time data reporting, there will be no necessary insight to keep the children safe and accounted for.
Rugline designs a telematics-enabled vehicle-mounted computer to guarantee a secure and reliable student transportation experience for parents, schools, fleet owners, and local police department. This Rugline vehicle-mounted computer enables parents to stay connected about the child whereabouts via school bus location, enables schools and fleet owners to monitor driver behavior via video supervision, and enables police to take on-time action via real-time reporting if accidents occur.  

Identity Authentication
vehicle-mounted computer can verify the identity of passengers by scanning their ID cards. Every student enrolled on the bus service will be provided with a RFID-powered smart card. Each card is encoded with a unique ID number. When a student gets on or off the school bus, he/she taps the card on the high-performance RFID sensor of . Student identity is verified and recorded with accurate time and date. Parents and administrators can verify if all students have got off at the final stop or if some have got off at a wrong stop.

Multiple Cameras
has a front camera and can connect to multiple external cameras. You can use one of these cameras to capture high-resolution pictures of each student both on entry and exit from the bus. The notification procedure notifies parents via 4G network the whereabouts of their child with pictures. In the transportation, what’s happening on the bus is recorded from different angles and transferred to the central server. Administrators will see if the school bus carries more students or not, and dangerous behaviors on-board will quickly be identified and stopped.

Accurate GPS
vehicle-mounted computer offers accurate positioning information based on GPS capability. A school bus’s movement and real-time location can be viewed in the backend server and the company can set up geo-fences to ensure the vehicle follows the designed route. It enhances driving safety and protects the interests of passengers.

Alerts of Time of Arrival
The accurate GPS system and stable and fast 4G connection of Rugline vehicle-mounted computer enable drivers to view clearly the bus route data on the screen and report the accurate arrival time. On a parent app, or through SMS, parents can stay connected with real-time location of the school bus their kids take so that they know when to drop and pick up their children at pick-up spots. 

OBD Data Transmission
Rugline vehicle-mounted computer has an on-board diagnostics (OBD) protocol, which enables it to interpret and display vehicle’s fuel economy, speed, and fluid levels on the screen. Taking full advantage of drivers’ driving behavior and vehicle health status lets schools and parents be more informed. Via 4G connection, such data is transmitted to the back-end server, through which administrators can locate and track the bus, and remote control the speed on a real-time basis.

Emergency Button
If any emergency happens, drivers can press the emergency button computer to send a SOS message to the backend server. With accurate location data and real-time video feeds, administrators can determine how to respond instantly to minimize possible deadly consequences.

Based on Android 5.1 system and Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor, Rugline sports a large HD touch panel and supports 4G LTE, 2.4G stable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It authenticates identity via fingerprint/facial recognition, and ID card/barcode/IC card scanning. It can connects to dual-channel external cameras via USB, together with front camera to capture and transmit photos and videos. Both Beidou and GPS systems are here for accurate positioning. has OBD capability and TF/SD card extensions.
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