City Bus Management

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Billions of people commute in public transportation each day across the world. Influent and unsafe traffic will makes the beginning of a day unpleasant. That’s to commuters. To transit buses, they serve passengers tirelessly throughout the day and in all weather conditions. To bus drivers, keep journeys safe and efficient is their priority.

Rugline has been dedicated to providing high-performance intelligent terminals and customized solutions to clients from all industries. In public transportation, its latest vehicle-mounted computer helps fleet managers improve fleet monitoring, helps drivers control driving behaviors, and helps passengers enjoy a safe and on-time service.

Identity Verification
When a driver starts his/her duty today, he/she taps the ID card, has his/her fingerprint scanned, or has his/her face recognized on vehicle-mounted computer to verify the identity. The backend server remembers such operations and starts to clock the driver’s working hours. Administrators have access to each driver’s working schedule and workload, which is a direct indicator of each employee’s performance.
OBD Monitoring
vehicle-mounted computer has an OBD port through which connects to the vehicle’s OBD system. It monitors and transfers OBD data, including speed, fuel consumption and RPM, to the backend server. Unsafe driving such as rapid acceleration, hard braking, or speeding, can be identified and the driver will hear a voice alarm. Administrators and drivers can identify unhealthy vehicle status earlier and take actions more quickly to minimize the impacts to community. Remote diagnosis keeps transit buses on the road.

Video Feeds
 can connect to multiple external cameras. Together with ’s own front camera, fleet administrators can use these cameras to monitor what happens both on the bus and on road to detect any suspicious behaviors of drivers or passengers and to spot any hidden risks in the journey. sends those video feeds to the backend server for real-time tracking and further analysis and itself stores those videos for a fixed period to serve as evidence in case of incidents.

High-definition GPS Tracking
Rugline vehicle-mounted computer is equipped with accurate GPS system to provide detailed position of a bus. It sends it to the backend server for administrators to learn the movement of their fleet. They can also set up geo-fences to ensure a bus runs in places where their services are permitted. If accidents happen on the planned route, will suggest another route and navigate the direction to the driver. 

Tickets Inspection
In cross-city bus transportation, a passenger with a monthly pass, which is embedded with a RFID chip, can tap the ticket on ’s RFID reading area. can also connect with Bluetooth barcode scanner to inspect single-journey tickets which print 1D or 2D barcode for authentication.

Emergency Solution
If a problem is addressed or if accidents happen, drivers can send SOS message by pressing the emergency button. In real time administrators can see this message on the backend server so that instant actions can be taken.
Value-added Service
Rugline vehicle-mounted computer brings fleet administrators innovative and reliable new capabilities to improve their services. can serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot for passengers who want to have Internet access. The extension capabilities enable to connect with a LED screen which shows next stop and region-based advertisement.

Telematics-enabled  vehicle-mounted computer brings great potentials to optimize the public transportation system. It helps transit agencies achieve new levels of efficiency, control, and compliance.

Based on Android system, Rugline collects driving data by fingerprint scanner, HF RFID reader, OBD module, GPS, external camera and other devices and transmits the data wirelessly to the backend server for real-time monitoring and future analysis.
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