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Transportation and logistics services are met with increasing demand and competition. Transporting loads quickly, safely, and reliably at the lowest cost is critical to stay competitive. To do so, trucking company need to innovate its operations. This initiative means embracing technology that can improve compliance and maintenance, or in one word, to choose telematics.
Rugline released its latest telematics devices for vehicles-. This vehicle-mounted computer has everything a trucking company needs to keep its vehicles on the road. It tracks vehicle location, monitors drivers’ behavior, optimize routes, and detects accidents. With , businesses driven faster, reputation gained easier.

Identity Authentication
vehicle computer is equipped with accurate RFID reading motor, fingerprint sensor and a clear front camera. Before starting the journey, drivers need to authenticate their identities by scanning their IC cards or fingerprints, or passing facial recognition. It can realize the function to deny the access of a driver who fails to pass the identity authentication to start the vehicle.
OBD Tracking
vehicle-mounted computer has a port for vehicle’s OBD system. It tracks fuel consumption and idle information to achieve the most fuel efficient driving pattern. It also detects dangerous driving behaviors like over speeding, harsh acceleration and fatigue driving. Dangerous driving behaviors and vehicle malfunctions will be warned in time to drivers and fleet administrators.
High-performance GPS technology
tracks trucks’ real-time location and sends it to the backend server. Fleet administrators thus know which truck is available for which transport job. After a driver receives a task, navigates the driver to the destination on the fastest route.
Video Monitoring
’s expandability enables the device to connect to multiple cameras. Fleet administrators can use these cameras to monitor drivers’ behavior, cargo’s condition and on-road situation. It spots potential risks related to the transport. If accidents occur, drivers can replay the video feeds on  as evidence. 
Panic Solution
In case of emergency, drivers can press the emergency button to send a SOS message to the backend server. Knowing the truck’s real-time location and what is happening in the vehicle, administrators can take the instant action.

Rugline’s comprehensive telematics vehicle computer provides the essential tools and data to maximize fuel efficiency, improve uptime, increase safety and ensure compliance. 

Based on Android system and Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor, Rugline sports a large HD touch panel and supports 4G LTE, stable 2.4G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It authenticates identity via fingerprint/facial recognition, and ID card/barcode/IC card scanning. It can connects to dual-channel external cameras via USB, together with front camera to capture and transmit photos and videos. Both Beidou and GPS systems are here for accurate positioning. has OBD capability and TF/SD card extensions. This telematics device is the vehicle computer and  
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