Identity Verification

From: Shenzhen Rugline Technology Co., LTD  Date:2022-10-24 11:41:04  Hits:876  Belong to:Finance

Accurate and Efficient Identity Verification of Staff Members

How to verify the identity of staff members accurately during bank cashbox handover is a top priority in finance industry. Traditional options are magnetic stripe, ID card, appearance or oral password that are prone to counterfeiting, which is obviously too risky. This is totally infeasible if the identity of escort personnel can’t be accurately authenticated. After the cashboxes arrived, personnel at the outlets need to fill a paper chart and sign his name on it as a proof for handover. It’s quite cumbersome and inefficient to fulfill the handover procedures. With the continuous expansion of bank outlets and the surge of cash flow, this inefficient way is apparently unable to meet the needs of the entire group’s asset management.

Before starting the device, staff members first need to enter his/her username and password to get permission. To verify and confirm the ID of personnel during cashbox escort efficiently and accurately, rugline mobile computer will first record their fingerprints; or in another way, each personnel is first assigned a unique RFID tag. What they need to do is put their fingers on the PDA or use PDA to read their tags to verify their identity, which is much more reliable than traditional verification modes, ensuring the secure and smooth handover.
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