Cashbox Management

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Tracking Cashbox Movement in Real Time and Improve Finance Security

In the past, staff need to number cashboxes in bank vault or those in flow between bank outlets, note down information on paper, providing no electronic identity information of each cashbox at all. Manual recording and transcribing takes place thousands of times a day, taking up a lot of manpower and time, and there are high risks of mistakes. Furthermore, communication between the dispatching center and outlets only relies on telephones. Personnel at the outlets do not know in advance the information about escort personnel, vehicles and cashboxes; also they have no idea of when the vehicle will arrive but depending on their appointed time, the outcome of experience. That these cashboxes cannot be tracked during escort makes cashboxes handover inconvenient. What’s more, the bank can’t get to know real-time road situation of transportation and emergent problems cannot be solved in time.

In cashbox management, each cashbox first is equipped with a two-dimensional code or a RFID tag that each contains unique information (denomination, total amount inside, all the serial number on the note, where the money is from and to, whom this batch of money will be handed to). The staff can easily wave the handheld computer to scan the two-dimensional code or RFID tag, and then unique information can be read and newly added data can be automatically transferred to the backstage system. Administrators can view real-time information like automatically generated statements and tracking records of cashboxes so as to prevent potential security risks and improve the scientific management level.
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