Routine Inspection

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Keep All Infrastructure Facilities Operating Properly and Safely

For a long time, daily inspection of power equipment, water conservancy facilities, pipelines, and other infrastructure facilities has always been an important part to energy companies. Through daily inspections, they can detect breakdowns caused by nature or humans, and anticipate security risks in time. Tour-inspections not only effectively prevents security accidents, but also ensures regular supply of energy. Due to wide distribution of long water/gas pipelines and electric wire, traditional inspection methods and models have become difficult to adapt to efficient management requirements. How to improve the efficiency and accuracy of inspection, how to quickly repair the point of failure, how to uate the performance of inspectors, and how to maximize the utilization of manpower and resources have increasingly become actual problems.

At the very beginning, each key point has been attached with a tag that has recorded its ID and corresponding checking point info. After the administration center carried out inspection plans, workers can directly download daily task list on the PDA. The GPS navigation function directs the worker to the assigned destination, with total accuracy and shortened time. At the same time, the worker’s movement track has been recorded and uploaded to the backend database each day. Using the PDA to read the tag of an equipment, inspectors can retrieve all information about it, for example, the electricity, voltage, maintenance history, etc. of an electric meter. These info provides decision making basis for analysis and diagnosis.

Configured with high-definition camera, PDA can capture images clearly. If the equipment is in perfect condition, the inspector can take a photo and send confirmation to the administration center. If not, the inspector should first decide how serious the problem is. If it is with top seriousness, urgent requirement can be sent to the backend database immediately via wireless network (outdoor 4G, indoor Wi-Fi). If it’s just a minor problem, like rust, field workers can predict when the equipment needs to be replaced. These diagnostic results or remarks can be directly entered on the PDA and with photos captured together, be synchronized to the database in seconds. In this way, they can better manage their assets and optimize equipment utilization. 

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